What is considered billable/non-billable support? What do I have to pay?

1. Hosting – what's included?

Drupal hosting / maintenance:

  • Monthly Drupal security updates and testing of updates
  • Server software updates & maintenance (from MySQL to Open SSL)
  • Supporting and monitoring APIs
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Spam and bounce handling
  • Constant monitoring of live/published pages
  • Daily backup of all websites

We host our websites on the cloudservers of the German company domainFactory (http://www.df.eu). DomainFactory offers energy-efficient high-end server systems, automatic backups, recovery systems and very high availability. The servers are located in a high-security and high-performance computing center in Köln. The data is stored here securely according to Germany's strict data privacy laws.

E-Mail hosting:

  • Enables the sending of e-mails through the website with optimised deliverability
  • Spam and bounce handling

2. Support

Your hosting contract will include a certain number of hours of support per month. Additional support time will be billed at an hourly rate.

Your support time covers:

  • Fixing problems in completed projects
  • Modifications in completed projects
  • New features for completed projects
  • Bug fixes and other issues which arise through Drupal Core and Drupal Core updates (being open source, our clients officially own the Drupal product they are using)
  • Technical support (for Campaignion, Drupal or in general)
  • Up to 30m per month of consultancy

We will also deal with the following free of charge (non-billable):

  • Fixing problems in ongoing projects 
  • Small modifications in ongoing projects
  • Bug fixes and other issues triggered by Campaignion updates
  • When we mess up!


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