What's included in my support contract?

1. Hosting – what's included?

Drupal hosting / maintenance:

  • Monthly Drupal security updates and testing of updates
  • Server software updates & maintenance (from MySQL to Open SSL)
  • Supporting and monitoring APIs
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Spam and bounce handling
  • Constant monitoring of live/published pages
  • Daily backup of all websites

We host our websites on the cloudservers of the German company domainFactory (http://www.df.eu). DomainFactory offers energy-efficient high-end server systems, automatic backups, recovery systems and very high availability. The servers are located in a high-security and high-performance computing center in Köln. The data is stored here securely according to Germany's strict data privacy laws.

E-Mail hosting:

  • Enables the sending of e-mails through the website with optimised deliverability
  • Spam and bounce handling

2. Support

Your hosting contract will include a certain number of hours of support per month. Additional support time will be billed at an hourly rate. Contact us if you want more information on our support packages.

Your support time covers:

  • Fixing problems in completed projects
  • Modifications in completed projects
  • New features for completed projects
  • Bug fixes and other issues which arise through Drupal Core and Drupal Core updates (being open source, our clients officially own the Drupal product they are using)
  • Technical support (for Campaignion, Drupal or in general)
  • Up to 30m per month of consultancy

We will also deal with the following free of charge (non-billable):

  • Fixing problems in ongoing projects 
  • Small modifications in ongoing projects
  • Bug fixes and other issues triggered by Campaignion updates
  • When we mess up!


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