Using Mailchimp Interest Groups

You can automatically add supporters who opt in on your Campaignion page to a group in Mailchimp.

Connecting Mailchimp interest groups in Campaignion

  1. Make sure the newsletter field is on the page and connected to your Mailchimp supporter list. Save the form then reopen the form edit page.

  2. Drag ‘Mailchimp interests’ form item onto the form.

  3. You should then see all of your groups appear in the form and set to off.

  4. As with all form fields, you can add a label to this and set it to ‘private’ if you don’t want your supporters to see the boxes.

  5. To change the default of the groups to ‘on’ visit: Find the interest groups and click ‘edit’

  6. Whichever groups you want to be ‘on’ toggle to ‘on’. Scroll down and click save


IMPORTANT: the tags used for your action under "advanced settings" --> "auto segmentation" must never have the exact same name as a MC interest group. Otherwise an interest group will be assigned too.

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