Problems? How To Get The Quickest Solution!

This article is to help you write to us, so that we can provide better and faster solutions for you!

Following these guidelines will help make your support tickets informative and fast to work with.

1. Check the User guide and use the search

For a lot of issues, our help centre provides pretty good ideas as well, so always check there first. The help centre has a manageable amount of articles that cover a lot of the most common configuration questions. Try to solve the issue the yourself before turning to support - you will get to know your own pages far better. If you do not find to any help in our Help Centre or need any further information, feel free to contact us!

2. Be nice 

We try our best to answer you as quickly as possible. It's a lot easier and makes us much happier to help you if the email isn’t full of swear words or includes only three words: “IT IS BROKEN!!!”
We promise to also be nice in return! ;-)

3. If we can't reproduce it - we can't fix it

Try to give us as much information as necessary, and at the same time as little as possible. It's always good to include: 

  • what were you trying to do and what did you expect to happen? - if we know your goals it will be a lot easier for us to help you out. If the intended solution doesn't work, we can find a workaround or maybe come up with a much broader solution.

  • what actually happend? - Always specify the behaviour that led to the issue. In other words: give us a step-by-step description of exactly what you did, where you clicked, and what happened next. In order to find out what exactly needs to be fixed, we need to be able to copy what you did and get the same result.

  • the errors - if something is missing, then where? If there’s an error message, what does it say? 

  • the URL - where does the problem happen? ideally you send us the drupal URL with the so-called node ID (https.// You can always see the node ID in the URL when you are in the editing mode.

  • the timing - when does it happen? After login? Only at 5pm? After a release/update of ours?

  • the actors - who is trying to do this, who do the errors show up for? Are you logged in as an admin or not at all?

  • information on browser and operating system (with version) - especially if the issue is not consistent between browsers. Try testing if the same thing happens on a different browser or on your mobile phone and/or desktop PC.

4. A picture says more than a thousand emails

Feel free to send us screenshots! 

5. Short and helpful Email subject

Please make sure you describe your ticket in a proper way in your subject. Additionally, a subject containing "automatic reply" may land in our spam filter :)

6. If it's urgent follow-up with a phone call

We will almost always ask you for a little written description per email, since this makes it possible for various team members to work on support tickets at a time, even if they're not in the same office. It also provides us with documentation and makes the workflow more transparent when looking back in time.

However: If it's urgent give us a call! Jess, Lorena or whoever attends the regular more onion Austria landline will be sure and happy to help you out.

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