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How do I integrate my Petition, Email Protest, Donation,... with any other site

There are a lot of ways to integrate with Campaignion. We won't cover all of them here, but these are the most important for supporter management and your forms:


If you create a form on any site (doesn't matter if it's a petition or something else) you can embed this form on any other website via your very own widget. Create a widget by clicking on the "Widget" tab at your petition. Copy the provided code and paste it wherever you want to have your form displayed. This doesn't work well with very long and complicated forms, so for a multi-step form, be sure to use another way to get your supporters to submit it.

What widget can handle well:

  • Forms with a single step
  • Forms with many steps and without AJAX. There, each form step will be loaded on your action as a new page, making the action somewhat slower. AJAX is activated per default, thus please ask support for help on how to deactivate AJAX on one of your forms.
  • Forms without any redirects --> thank you pages, of Paypal payments, for example

We are aware of the limitations of the widgets, but rather than improving their current behaviour, we would like to redesign the concept of embedding Campaignion webforms completely. Until then, we would recommend you to avoid using widgets for every somewhat complex form. And inside your Campaignion pages, you could use blocks to integrate for example a donation block on your thank you pages. More details on how to create and use block can be found here.

Newsletter providers (Mailchimp, CleverReach, etc)

If you use the tool-bar to go to Manage > Advanced Settings > Site settings, you will find the section "Web services" and "Newsletter settings". Select a machine name for your connection. This needs to be unique and can only contain lower case letters, numbers and underscores. In the next field, paste your API-key from your newsletter provider. You can set up several keys if you like by clicking on "Add another key". Save your configuration with the button on the right side.  All your lists and subscribers will get updated regularly, if you want to update them right now click the button at the bottom labelled "Update Lists and Subscribers from all external sources now".

List of fields that are available

An actual list of synchronised fields for some newsletter providers is available here


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