Build your forms

How to build forms? What are all those fields for?

If you edit your petition or donation you have a second step where you can put together a nice form for your supporters. If you edit an email protest it's the third step, after declaring your email target.

You can either choose an existing form template by choosing a template and hitting the Apply Template button or you drag and drop fields from the left into the form. Just collect the information you need from your supporters. It's a good idea to always ask for the first name, last name and their email address. Keep it simple, short forms will lead to more people taking action.

Supporter Data

Let's go through your possibilities. One of the column on the right holds the fields for supporter data, these you can just use once (otherwise the database will get confused):

  •     Salutation - ask how people want to be addressed
  •     Gender - ask for the gender (you can also edit this field and provide more/different options if you give a shit on heteronormativity)
  •     First name - self explanatory, put this in your form if you want to get your supporters first name (highly recommended)
  •     Last name - get your supporters last name too
  •     Title - ask if your supporter has any titles, academic or otherwise
  •     Date of birth - ask for their birthday
  •     Street address - ask for their postal address
  •     ZIP code - get the zip code for the address of your supporter
  •     Country - per default all countries worldwide show up here, by editing the options you can exclude some if you would ever want that
  •     State - ask for the state they live in
  •     City - ask for the city thy live in
  •     Phone number - let them provide their phone number, so you can get back to them
  •     Mobile number - or their mobile number, or both
  •     Newsletter - offer to automatically sign up for newsletters of your choice
  •     Direct Mail - ask your supporters if they want to receive mail from you
  •     E-mail - get the email address from your supporters

Generic Fields

Second column holds generic fields, you can use them as you see fit:

  •     Text-field - let your supporters provide any text you ask for
  •     Text-area - same as above only bigger
  •     Number - ask for a number (like the credit card *cough*...)
  •     Radios - let your supporters choose between several options by selecting radio buttons
  •     Check-boxes - same with check-boxes
  •     Select list - provide options in a select list
  •     Grid - if you want to get a more detailed opinion use this questionnaire
  •     Date - ask for a date to be entered
  •     Time - ask for a time to be entered
  •     Newsletter - a preformed newsletter check-box
  •     File - let your supporters upload a file (upload max. is 2MB)
  •     Hidden - hidden fields are useful if you want to get save information about how your supporter got here
  •     Markup - if you know some HTML you can use it to provide some in your form
  •     Fieldset - provide a container to group several fields together
  •     Page break - if you have a long form, use page break to split it up in several parts

How to customize?

form edit and delete buttons You can edit fields by clicking on the input items or hovering over the the fields and click on the little pencil in their right corner. Mostly you can set

  • Properties, where you can change title and add description to your field
  • Display provides field specific options for display
  • Options lets you change the content of your field
  • Validation: you can set fields to be required, if supporters don't fill information in, they can't submit the form. Useful for your must haves like name and email but also for their payment data

If you want to get rid of a field, use the trash can icon in the fields right corner. You will be prompted if you really want to delete this field. This is because, if you deleted a field in an already existing form with already submitted data, you will loose all the data from this field, too! Keep this in mind! It might be easier to hide it by setting the display option on "private".

Submit Button labels: You can edit the labels, according to your preferred language or simply to your liking.

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