Set up a counter / Progress bar

How can I customize the Counter / Progress bar ?

The counter will display your success. With every new submission of your petition, e-mail protest or donation the counter will advance further to its goal. It already ships with default values and is usable out of the box, but if you want it customized, here you go:

edit your page and on the first step, keep an eye out for the heading "Counter" or "Progress bar".

If you choose to display a counter (we highly recommend it) you can set a *Target value, the goal you would like to achieve and it's milestones. For instance you can set 200, 500, 1000 and every time your submissions reaches (or approaches) a milestone it goes to the next. So your supporters can watch your progress.

With threshold percentage you can set the percentage of how much of the current milestone should be reached before your progress bar should pick the next milestone as a goal. Collected offline is the right field for you, if you're not only collecting online but already have the action running offline as well. There you can manually add those numbers to display the overall progress.

You can also edit the displayed *Text of your counter to any of your liking. There are several tokens that help you to keep the text informative, like !current for the number of all current submissions or !target for your current goal value.

Last but not least you can set different display *Styles for your counter. Right now there are two: a simple one, named progress bar (recommended for petitions and email protests) and one in thermometer style (recommended for donation pages). More will come, if you have any wishes, contact us!


Counter / Progress Bar Tokens

  • !current  ---> shows the current number of supporters
  • !current-animated ---> shows the current number of supporters and also has an animated counting from 0 upwards. We recommend using this one, as it also actualises itself a bit more often
  • !target ---> shows the number of supporters you want to reach
  • !needed ---> shows how many more supporters are needed to reach said target, based on the current supporter counter.
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