Set up a counter / progress bar

How can I customize the counter / progress bar ?

A counter or progress bar on your form helps people see how their action is contributing towards meeting your goal, and reassures them that they’re not alone, but part of something bigger - a form of ‘social proof’ that their action is ‘normal’ and worthwhile.

You can toggle the counter on or off on the Content step of the creation wizard. You may choose not to display it until your action has gathered a few participants. It can be offputting to be the first person to take part!

The counter has some default values, but you can of course edit these to suit your action. (If you’d like to change the default values for a given content type, contact support.)


The Target value is the goal you would like to achieve, and milestones on the way. For instance you can set 200, 500, 1000 and every time the number of submissions reaches (or approaches) a milestone it will display the next one.

With threshold percentage you can set the percentage of how much of the current milestone should be reached before your progress bar should display the next milestone as a goal.

Collected offline allows you to manually add any signatures collected offline (for example if you’re running the same petition using pen and paper at a street stall or a festival) to display the overall progress.

You can also edit the displayed texts. The tokens act as placeholders for the current values which will be displayed. (More on tokens here, and see below for a full list of the tokens you can use in the counter.)


Counter source allows you to combine the total from different nodes, for example if you have slightly different versions of the same petition running, or want a combined total os several related actions.

Display style allows you to choose between a straightforward bar, or a thermometer style.

Counter / Progress Bar Tokens

!current ---> shows the current number of supporters
!current-animated ---> shows the current number of supporters and also has an animation, counting from 0 up to the current total. Using this adds some movement to the page.
!target ---> shows the number of supporters you want to reach
!needed ---> shows how many more supporters are needed to reach said target, based on the current supporter counter.

Progress bars on donation pages

If you add a progress bar to a donation form, it will display the cumulative total of donations, rather than the number of submissions - this is set up as the default behaviour for the progress bar for the 'donation page' content type. 

If you prefer to display the number of donations instead of the total donation amount, you can set up a flexible form to act as a donation form instead. Please get in contact with support for this, we would be happy to add the relevant payment fields to your form.

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