Advanced settings and user accounts

What's in advanced settings?
Do I have permission to break stuff?

Hands off if you don't know what you are doing! Try out documentation or contact for more information!

Site settings

This is your place to configure integrations, modules or set your site email.

User accounts

Use this link to create new users and assign them roles, that come along with specific permissions.

Per default there are these roles:

  • Authenticated user - this is just a basic user that can login and logout, not much more.
  • Administrator - users with this role can use and configure most settings, add and delete content and users.
  • Editor - this role can create new content and edit/delete its own, but not any other content. Some settings are available, but not many.
  • Supporter - this is a role for your supporters, depending on how you manage your community they mostly have not much more permissions than anonymous.
  • Anonymous - everyone else on the big wide Internet, in particular your supporters: they can view the published content of your website and your public files, but have no permission to edit or add any content. They might upload some files though, if you enabled this on one of your published forms. If you allow comments for this role, be sure to have spam protection up and running.

You can also block or delete users from this interface. Be sure to choose the right option while deleting a user, as you might otherwise also delete the actions owned by this user. To avoid this, please follow these instructions.

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