Add a box with share buttons!

Add share buttons somewhere

Normally you will get share buttons on the Thank you page. If you want to have the block somewhere else:

  • Go to Manage > Structure > Blocks
  • there you see a long list with regions where blocks can be placed.
  • Search for "Share this page".
  • Click on "Configure" on the far right.
  • You will get redirected to the settings page for your share block:

Since you don't want the share block to pop up everywhere you can play around with the "Visibility settings" in the second block on the bottom of the page. You can restrict visibility based on the path, on the content type (meaning: only on donations, petitions ,..) and Roles (if something should only be visible for authenticated users, the user tab itself means users can decide if they want to see it or not, mostly not used).

Given you want to have the share buttons only on your new Email protest you would insert in "Pages" the relative path (URL beginning after site name) and click on "only the listed pages" and save the changes.

On the listing page you would drag the Share block probably to either "sidebar second" or "bottom" or wherever you want it

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