How can I style my text and make it more fancy?

Campaignion is quite restrictive about how much the style of the content can be changed. This simply aims to keep the styling coherent and clean. For example, we recommend to avoid various font colours and different kinds of fonts!

Using the styling options that are available in the top bar of a text-field enables quite a few changes, though:


You are probably already used to the little text and picture editors above the Campaignion text field, nevertheless let's go through the most used cases.

Copy Paste

Avoid copy/pasting text from anywhere into a Campaignion text field, as this would copy the text styles! Especially Office programs or internet browsers often copy the styles along with the texts.

If you want to copy/paste text into Campaignion, first copy it to a very basic text editor, where you cannot style anything, like Notepad or Gedit, and then copy it again from there to your text field in Campaignion. This way, you can be sure that no additional unwanted styling messes up your Campaignion actions.


There is a pre-defined hierarchy of headings and paragraphs in Campaignion. The titles of all pages are automatically set as Heading 1. This are the biggest and largest possible texts in Campaignion. This means that in the page content, you can use all remaining Headings, for example Heading 2, Heading 3, or Heading 4. Heading 2 is more important and bigger than Heading 3, which is bigger than Heading 4.
The heading styles can be selected from the "Format" select-list, right next to the Table symbol.

Do not use the "bold" option to fake a heading. The hierarchy of paragraphs is not only for the visual effect but also important for screen readers and search engines. Also, avoid using a heading just for its styling, as this could ruin the hierarchy of the page. If you miss some pre-defined styles for your text or need help creating a custom text styling, please make sure to contact our support team.


When adding Images and Videos to a text field, use the Media button of the text field top bar. It looks like a tiny picture and is located on the very right of the bar.

Do not just copy links or code from websites like Youtube into a text field. It might seems like it works fine, but this will prevent Campaignion to be aware of this picture. This means that the images or videos added this way cannot be made available to your media browser, should you want to add them on another page. Also, videos and images added this way are not responsive to the screen size, which can mess up the page on mobile pretty badly.


If you know HTML and know what you are doing, do not hesitate to play around with the text styles directly in the source code of the text, using the "source" button. This button enables you to look at the text in HTML, and so, add additional mark-up and further customise your content.

Need further help?

Our support team can also help you with HTML and styling questions :)


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