How do I use Action Templates?

What are Action Templates anyway?

Action Templates are (you guessed it) templates for your webforms, that make creating new actions, like petitions, email to target actions or donations easier. You don't have to drag and drop your form together every time, you can just reuse and adjust already existing forms and templates. The same goes for the following email step, and the conditionals, if applicable.

You already configured a perfect thank you email for your form? Re-use it!

Where can I find Action templates?

If you want to see or edit your templates, go to Manage> Content & Actions.
Here you find all the pages you have made. There is a second tab next to your "Content" titled "Action Templates". Here you will see only your templates.

If you have a fresh installation of Impact Stack you probably have

  • Minimal supporter form: holds first, last name and email address,
  • Basic personal data: holds all form items Impact Stack features out of the box,
  • Donation: if you host with us, you will have a simple payment form with all your payment methods.
  • And, in general, at least one template for each activated content type with a form.

Please keep in mind: changing an existing form, that is in use and already has submissions, will alter the collected data of this action.
As soon as you delete a form field, all already collected data will be lost. To avoid this you can add a new field and hide the old one instead (= make it to "private"). 


Create a new action, fill in your content, maybe your protest target and as soon as you arrive at the form step, make the choice: use an existing template or build your form from scratch!

To use your template, simply select your favourite template right at the bottom of your form step and hit the apply button. If you already got some submissions on this action, this will remember you to export and delete them before you can apply a template. Applying an action template will load said form, the according emails for the next step and the potential conditionals. Then, you can tweak and adjust your form and emails to anything you'd like, add a thank you page and publish your action! The action template won't be modified.


If you don't have any action template for such a content type, then your drop-down menu will probably be empty.

How to create new action templates?

To have your form available as template, go to the "Content" edit page. 

Scroll down and click on "Show advanced settings", where you'll find a menu point "Action-Template settings" on the left side. Here you can select if your form should be available as template or not.

If checked: As soon as you publish your newly created action or save it as draft, you will have it's form available as a template for other actions.

If you simply want a template, that you can change however you need without altering an existing action, create a new action, build your form and emails but don't publish it. Keep it as draft :-)

Be sure to find a good name for your template action, so you'll find the correct one in your select list on the form step.

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