more onion hosting

Why host our installation on your servers? There are several cheaper options!

     Drupal hosting / maintenance:

  •         Frequent Drupal Security and Feature updates and tests
  •         Server software updates and maintenance (from mySQL to openSSL)
  •         Uptime of our servers is for mostly 99%
  •         Maintaining and monitoring API's/ports
  •         Ensuring data security
  •         Spam- and bounce handling
  •         Constant monitoring of every site
  •         Daily back-up of all our sites

We host our websites on cloud servers of a German company named DomainFactory GmbH. They provide energy-efficient high-end server systems, automatic backups, recovery systems and very high availability. Their servers are located in a high security and high performance centre in Germany. Your data will be securely saved, according to the strict German Data Protection Act.

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