Which fields get synchronised with your email marketing integrations?

List of fields available in Mailchimp and Cleverreach

This is a list of all fields available in Mailchimp and Cleverreach, where syncing with Campaignion is possible.

TAGS: If you want to import your tags from Campaignion, make sure you create an extra field in Mailchimp and set its merge tag to TAGS to connect those fields.

Supporter Contact Mailchimp Cleverreach
email EMAIL email
field_salutation   salutation
first_name FNAME firstname
last_name LNAME lastname
field_form_of_address SALUTATION  
field_title GENDER gender
field_date_of_birth DOB date_of_birth
field_address thoroughfare STREET street
field_address country COUNTRY country
field_adress postal_code ZIP zip
field_adress locality CITY city
field_adress administrative_area REGION region
created CREATED created
updated UPDATED updated
supporter_tags TAGS tags

See also: How to configure your Mailchimp list step-by-step.

Custom fields

It is also possible to add custom fields. Your merge tag needs to have exactly the same name as the form_key of the Campaignion custom field. It will then automatically be synced as well :-)

Other email marketing integrations: Optivo, Dotmail, Charity Email

Please contact support@more-onion.com for further information.

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