Which fields get synchronised with your email marketing integrations?

List of fields available in Mailchimp, CleverReach and Dotmailer

This is a list of all fields available to our main integrations, where syncing with Campaignion is possible.

Supporter Contact Mailchimp CleverReach Dotmailer
email EMAIL email email
first_name FNAME firstname firstname
last_name LNAME lastname lastname
field_salutation SALUTATION salutation salutation
field_title TITLE title title
field_gender GENDER gender gender
field_date_of_birth DOB date_of_birth dob
field_address, thoroughfare STREET street address
field_address, premise STREET2 street2 address2
field_address, country COUNTRY country country
postal_code (or zip_code)
ZIP zip postcode
field_address, locality CITY city town
REGION region county
phone     phone
created CREATED created  
updated UPDATED updated  
source_tag SOURCE source  
field_preferred_language LANGUAGE language  
supporter_tags TAGS tags tags
mp_constituency MP_CONST mp_const mp_const
mp_party MP_PARTY mp_party mp_party
mp_salutation MP_NAME mp_name mp_name
mp_country DVCOUNTRY dev_country dev_country

See also: How to configure your Mailchimp list step-by-step.

Custom fields

It is also possible to add custom fields. Your merge tag needs to have exactly the same name as the form_key of the Campaignion custom field. It will then automatically be synced as well.

Warning: All required fields in your supporters Mailchimp list(s) must also be defined in the Campaignion part of the Campaignion-Mailchimp integration. Otherwise, Mailchimp won't accept the supporter data sent by Campaignion, which means that you new subscriptions won't arrive in Mailchimp nor the data of the already subscribed supporters will be updated.

Please also refer to the Documentation of the various email marketing tools:

Other email marketing integrations: Optivo, Charity Email,...

Please contact support@more-onion.com for a more complete explanation on how to setup these integrations or if you need further information.

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