Configuring Mailchimp to make it work with Campaignion

The following is valid for all Campaignion Out-of-the-Box installations. If you have a customized version, there might be slight differences. Let us know when in doubt!

Adding merge fields/tags step-by-step

  1. open the list(s) you'll be using in mailchimp
  2. go to Settings --> "List fields and *|MERGE|* tags"
  3. scroll to bottom --> "Add a field"
  4. choose type "text"
  5. name it "Tags"
  6. replace the "MMERGE1"-text (number is variable) with "TAGS"
  7. repeat until you have all the fields you need.


Campaignion offers the following standard merge fields:

  • EMAIL       --> for the email address
  • FNAME       --> for first name
  • LNAME       --> for last name
  • SALUTATION  --> Mr, Mrs, Ms, ...
  • TITLE      --> Dr., Prof, ...
  • GENDER    --> m, f
  • DOB         --> for the date of birth
  • COUNTRY  --> for a country chosen in a form field
  • ZIP          --> zip code / post code
  • CITY         --> might also be a village ;-P
  • REGION     --> or State
  • STREET     --> for the Street / Address1 field
  • CREATED  --> when was this supporter added to the mailchimp list?
  • UPDATED  --> when was this supporter last updated?
  • TAGS        --> auto-segmentation tags you've added in your online action get synchronized, too


It should then look something like this:


Adding your own fields to Mailchimp

Apart from the standard fields listed above you can add any of your custom fields from your Campaignion webform by adding the Campaignion form key in the Mailchimp merge field. 
However, please be aware that it will be necessary to have en email optin activated on that same webform, for this to work. However, this can be prechecked or hidden for your supporter – that's all the same for Drupal ;-)

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