Interpret your webform results - what do all those columns mean?

If you simply download the results, you will get presented quite a lot of columns. (If you don't use the customized option where you can select what fields you wish to download, that is)

Here is a quick overview and short description of them (work in progress):

  •  Serial

A consecutively numbered count per submission for this specific action

  •  SID

The submission ID, it is an unique identifier for every single webform submission. (Great for debugging if you pass it along!)

  •  Time

The time the form submission was saved.

  • Draft

If this is not 0, that means that the saved submission is just a draft and not a finished full entry. If the submission triggers any action (Payment, newsletter subscription, thank you emails,..) they won't have been fulfilled.

  • IP Address

The IP-address from where the webform was submitted.

  • UID

The user ID. This is just relevant if a dedicated user submitted the form. Else it will be empty.

  • Username

Same as above. Most supporters don't have a user account, they are treated as "anonymous".

  • Referer

The url the supporter that submitted the form came from

  • External referer

The external url that redirected the supporter to this form 

  • Form URL

The URL of the form where it actually got submitted

  • Tags

Tags for automatic segmentation, you can set them on the edit page of your action under Advanced settings.

  • Entry URL

The URL the supporter first entered on your page in this session.

  • Referring SID

If there is another submission referring that supporter, you can find out here 

  • Source

Another GET parameter, that's mostly not populated

  • Channel


  • Version


  • Other


  • User-ID

This is different to the UID above and is a hash for the supporter database.

  • Country

This is not the country field of your form, but where the supporter's browser says it is from

  • Campaign


After this point, there will be a column for every field you have added to your form :-)


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