How to set up Twittercards

Twittercards are a way of adding nice previews of your website content, shown when someone tweets a link to it. Fortunately, Campaignion provides a very simple way of setting these up for your site:

Go to Manage > Advanced Setting > Site settings > Metatag and click "Override" or "Edit" next to “Content”:

Click the plus sign next to the “Twitter card” section:

(If you don’t see this section, just ask More Onion Support to enable the “twittercards metatag” module)

Most of the fields should already be filled in for you – all you need to add are:

  • Twittercard type (see below)
  • Creator's Twitter account – add your organisation’s main Twitter account
  • Creator's Twitter account ID – this is a number. Find this by entering your Twitter account name into sites like or (if those sites don’t work, simply search for “find twitter id” for alternatives)

And click “save”

Examples of different Twittercard types


Summary with large image:

Testing your Twittercards

After doing the above steps, go to (you’ll need to log into Twitter)

Paste in the URL of one of your Campaignion pages, and you should see the preview appear.

Special thanks to Jonathan Nichols from Friends of the Earth UK, who wrote this article for us! Visit their Campaignion installation:

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