Adding images to the Media Gallery

The Media Gallery has some issues that we sometime need to work around. Sometime you just need an image and its URL (for example to add the perfectly cropped image to the open Graph Meta Tags for the Facebook teaser) and uploading images by adding them to actions or static pages and then removing them again, is a little annoying.

Sames goes for deleting files. Also currently not possible with the Media Gallery module.

Our current workaround:

  • Go to
  • Click "+Add file"
  • Choose the file from your computer and click "Next"
  • Add Title and Alt tags
  • Click "Save"

To get the URL for that image

  • In the admin/content/file view click the red link to the image you want
  • You now have a static page with the image on it, so the URL does not help. Therefore right click on the image and choose "View image"
  • Now copy the URL
  • Add it where you want to have it 

To delete an image

  • In the admin/content/file view find the image you'd like to delete
  • Go to the right under "Operations" and hit
  • "Delete"

Please be aware that any images deleted will be deleted from all pages where they might be in use!

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