Images in Campaignion: FAQ

Uploading images by adding them to actions or static pages and then removing them again, is a little annoying.

To update an image to your action, you first need an image, with the right dimensions, title and alternate text. Sometimes, you also need its URL.

How can you upload an image in Campaignion?

  • Go to
  • Click "+Add file"
  • Choose the file from your computer and click "Next"
  • Choose if the picture should be public or private. Click here for more details.
  • Add Title and Alt tags
  • Click "Save"

Please note: should you want various titles or alt tags for the same image, you would need to upload the image once for each title and alt tag combination!

How can I get the URL for that image?

  • In the admin/content/file view, click the red link of the image you want
  • You now have a static page with the image on it, so the URL does not help. Therefore right click on the image and choose "View image"
  • Now copy the URL
  • That's it!

Check that your image is public

A picture must be public for your supporters to be able to see it in your actions. Per default, all pictures that you upload on Campaignion are public. Also, public images can be found by Search Engines. But here are some ways to verify this:

  • First, look for the URL of the image, as described here
  • If the word "public" is in the URL of the image, then it is public
  • If the word "private" is in the URL, then it is not public
  • Try to call the image URL in a private window (or in a browser where you are not logged in). If you can see the image, it is public

How can I delete an image?

  • In the admin/content/file view, find the image you'd like to delete
  • Go to the right under "Operations" and hit
  • "Delete"

Please be aware that deleting an image this way will also delete this image from all actions and thank you pages where they are used

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