Accessing and understanding your Impact Stack data

Impact Stack holds the following data:

  • Contact records with various fields like “first name”, “last name”, email and postal address, and various person-related data. The contact records also contains the Impact Stack tags for segmentation, for example.
  • Activity time stamp with the type of action, like “donation”, and a reference to the complete form data for this person.
  • Form data which contain the data people put in the form and some webform tracking data.
  • Payment made on a Impact Stack form.
  • Opt-ins and opt-outs on the newsletter subscription, phone opt-in and post opt-in fields.
  • LogCRM events, which are small "real-time" data packages that contain all form submissions and contact changes. They essentially include all data Impact Stack collects about a user.

You can access your Impact Stack data in different ways.

From within Impact Stack itself

As a logged-in user you can access:

  • Webform data - Click on 'Results' while viewing any node to view or download a copy of all data submitted to that node.
  • Supporter data - Click on 'Supporters > Supporter management' to view, filter and download supporter records.

CSV exports on our file server

We also store a copy of your data securely as pre-compiled csv export files which you can access at any time without needing to query the database.

When you log into our 'Nextcloud' file server,, you'll find two folders:

  • campaignion_exports: This holds the exported data in CSV format, separated in several folders.
  • support: You can use this folder to share files or passwords securely.

The campaignion_exports folder holds these subfolders:

  • actions: All data of all actions, this file combines all fields of all actions into one, so you don't have to download the webform results from every individual action.
  • activities: Records of all supporter activity, such as (un-)subscriptions to an email list, payments and donations, form submissions, the creation or update of a contact record, etc.
  • contacts: all supporter contacts with all their fields, tags and creation dates. Contrary to all other subfolder, there is only one file here, that gets updated daily.
  • donations: all payments made on an Impact Stack form, including the data submitted on all fields present on the payment form.
  • opt-ins: all supporter email newsletter, phone or postal opt-ins.
  • opt-outs: all supporter email newsletter, phone or postal opt-outs.

Except for the contacts file, all files only contain the data for one month. The file for the current month is updated daily, usually during the night.

These annotated spreadsheets will help explain what's there:

Read more about how to get your Impact Stack data into other systems.

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