How to get data out of Impact Stack (formerly Campaignion)? Get CSV exports!

There are several ways to get your Impact Stack data into another database. One of the most automated ones is presented here,

CSV exports on our file server

In our file server,, two folders can be found:

  • campaignion_exports: This holds the exported data in CSV format, separated in several folders
  • support: This folder is used to share files or passwords, any data that needs more security than an email (i.e. supporter data).

The campaignion_exports folder holds these subfolders:

  • actions: All data of all actions, this file combines all fields of all actions into one, so you don't have to download the webform results from every individual action.
  • activities: Records of all supporter activity, such as (un-)subscriptions to an email list, payments and donations, form submissions, the creation or update of a contact record, etc.
  • contacts: all supporter contacts with all their fields, tags and creation dates. Contrary to all other subfolder, there is only one file here, that gets updated daily.
  • donations: all payments made on an Impact Stack form, including the data submitted on all fields present on the payment form.
  • opt-ins: all supporter email newsletter, phone or postal opt-ins.
  • opt-outs: all supporter email newsletter, phone or postal opt-outs.

Except for the contacts file, all files only contain the data for one month. The file for the current month is updated daily, usually during the night.

To get access to the exchange folder, or to get the CSV exports activated, just ask!

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