Duplicate a page

Send an email to the Impact Stack support team to ask them to duplicate a page for you. See below for a quick way to do this – especially useful if you regularly ask for duplicates.

You can ask for as many duplicates as you want. It is nearly always a very quick job for the support team to do this for you.

Before asking for the duplicate, we suggest that you finalise as much of the content as you can that will be on all your duplicates. This will save you time and avoid making too many edits later. 


The quick way of asking support for a duplicated page

  1. Drag the link below – "Request IST duplicate" – into your browser's bookmarks bar.

  2. Go to an Impact Stack page that you want to duplicate. Click that bookmark. This won't work if you're not on an Impact Stack page.

  3. Your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail etc) will open a pre-filled email asking the Impact Stack support team for the duplicate of the Impact Stack page you were on.

  4. Just click Send and you're done! The support team will let you know when your duplicated page is ready.

Request IST duplicate


Note: Clicking the link on this page doesn't do anything. Drag the link to your bookmark bar. Go to an Impact Stack page. Click the link on your browser's bookmark bar.

Here's a demo of how it works…


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